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Portrait of an Artist, a 1972 acrylic by David Hockney that itself was inspired by two photographs, one of Peter Schlesinger and the other of a pool in the Hollywood Hills, which he combined in the painting. Many pool designs were considered as shown below.




Excavation began in June 2008, concrete and plumbing in July and August, tile in September and the pump and rooftop solar heating in October




The pool was completed in October, and in the years that followed, improvements were made, leaks were repaired, a cover was added and then upgraded, lights in the pool were replaced, a pump was replaced, and a few timers and a solar controller box were switched out after a direct lightning strike to the roof toasted them. The patio was tiled, and concrete flooring was painted blue. Several versions of plant landscaping were rethought. The solar heating on the roof has worked consistently.

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